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‘Unequal Quality’ reflects not only racism, but also gender inequality. Usually when people discuss the role of women in society there are only a lot of argues, as well as the right to equality on the basis of skin colour. I have heard many stories relating to discrimination on these grounds. I do not support it, because it shows that our modern society still does not provide for equality between people, despite the fact that we are all equal human beings.


I’m Sofja Bolshakova from Narva. I was born and raised on the board of Estonia and Russia. There are two religions and 7 nationalities in my family. I decided to learn languages and travel. With EU programmes and on my own I was reaching my goals to learn different cultures.

1. Mr. Apple – Mrs. Sambo / Job interview

2. What is about your education? / I have no education… / I have my master’s degree …

3. Dear Mr. Apple, you are welcome, Mrs. Jumbo, I am sorry, but …

4. Why?