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‘Get Away From It All’ describes discrimination, which is a common phenomenon in the modern world. People do not care about the pain and discomfort they are causing others. The key point is that we cannot choose our skin colour, nationality, geographic location or heritage. I find it extremely dishonest to view these factors to be negative. In the modern world, many people claim that it is better to escape than to be attacked. I disagree, because everyone has to tolerate each other. If everyone behaved in this way, racism would not exist at all.


I’m Sofja Bolshakova from Narva. I was born and raised on the board of Estonia and Russia. There are two religions and 7 nationalities in my family. I decided to learn languages and travel. With EU programmes and on my own I was reaching my goals to learn different cultures.

1. Hajir is the best student /What? / It cannot be

2. You cannot be better than us! / Why?!

3. Go away, looser! / Fool / You are so stupid!

4. Only now I can feel better.