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With financial support from the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union

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I usually look into problems and questions concerning labels, but in this comic I use food as a means of comparison. What if we look at all sides of a country? What if we really compare everything we know?
There is a phrase “you are what you eat”. What are the consequences of actions, and do these consequences really exist? Where does food come from? Is there a diet that is ‘correct’? Why are we attracted to food, but why do we also refuse to acknowledge where food comes from?


I am currently studying Visual Communication at the Latvian Academy of Arts and have previously graduated from the Janis Rozenthal Riga Art high school.

1. Why are people not stereotypical about food? / No one really knows the “right” diet and… /They say do what works for you!
2. We can enjoy exotic tastes sometimes we can’t accept exotic people…
3. Without becoming judgmental.
4. Why is that? / Are the Taiwanese bubbly?
5. Do the poorest Africans have empty souls?
6. Do blacks only drink black coffee? / Oui / Do the Chinese eat yellow food? Do the French look like frogs and snails? / Do you eat exotic foods because you’re afraid to talk to people?
7. Maybe you’re afraid of new foods too… / Maybe you’re afraid to travel to unfamiliar places!!!!!!!
8. Perhaps you believe the worst news in the world to be all there is to see.
9. Perhaps you’re afraid of the authorities. / Stop it! / Discover… / be yourself!!!