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“Grow Where God Plants You”, Anastassia Tšepaikina

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This comic shows that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. Many fail to understand that it’s better to stay where you are and to make your life better in your homeland than going on a journey to find a “better place”.


My name is Anastassia Tšepaikina and I’m from Estonia. My parents were born in Russia, but they migrated to Estonia to study there.  I’m currently studying to become a Graphic Designer. My dream is to design characters for video games

Page 1

1. Once upon a time there lived a man. Every day, he did the same work,

2. ate the same food,

3. and saw the same scenery from the window.

4. One day, he heard that there’s a better place to live in.

Page 2

1. Being tired of the unchanging everyday life, he decided to travel to that place everyone spoke of.

Page 3

1. Once upon a time there lived a woman.

2. One day a man from another land came to propose to her.

3. He was a prince from a wealthy family. /  She fell in love with him and agreed to go to his palace in a faraway country.

Page 4

1.  Once upon a time there lived a man. / Every day of his life passed in hunger and poverty.

2. One day, he heard that a place where no one suffers does exist.

Page 5

1. Everyone moved to a new place. Days and months passed. / But in the end, none of them found happiness. /  The man got a higher salary than before, but had to pay even higher living expenses.

2. The woman discovered that she wasn’t the only one for the prince 

3. And the homeless man died on the streets, as he was treated like trash by others.

Page 6

1. “Foreigner!” / “Outsider!” /  “Stranger!” “/ Outlander!” / “Incomer!” / “Migrant!” “Alien!” / “Exile!”

2. “Outsiders! Outsiders!” all people around them shouted. Then, the migrants thought: / “How do we become “insiders”?”