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A little girl’s life is at risk as she is trapped in the flames of a burning building. Fortunately, a stranger finds her and saves her. The child’s mother expresses her gratitude to the stranger until she realizes he is an African. She then takes her little girl by the hand and walks away from the stranger, but the little girl breaks free from her mother in order to find the man so that she can thank him in her own special way.


I was born in Cyprus in 1997 to my Bulgarian mother. I have been drawing comics for fun since I was six years old and I absolutely love it. I have entered numerous competitions and have even won a few. Now I am currently studying art in a private institute and preparing for my art exams for the British Council.

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1. Help! Mommy!

2. Hello? Where are you?

Page 2

1. My child!

2. Mommy!

3. Mama! / Oh thank you so much!

4. It’s nothing… / Oh no! I owe you so much! You saved my child. I owe you my life!

5. Thank you! / But really, it’s nothing

Page 3

1. C’mon honey, we have to go. / Why?

2. Just follow me! This is not a good man.

3. Wait! Where are you going?!

Page 4

1. The colours are beautiful!

2. You…

3. Thank you… / …so much…

4.Th… / for everything