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With financial support from the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union

Fondi Otto per Mille della Chiesa Evangelica Valdese

With financial support by Society Integration Foundation (SIF)


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Little acts of courage win big battles. A child’s pure heart can be stronger than a preconception. When the teacher asks a Rom child to seat next to him, Marco feels confused. He remembers that his mother told him not to speak with the gypsies because they are dangerous, but when he notices how good Helver is at drawing, he wants to tell him. While Helver is drawing a beautiful horse, Marco remembers that, on another occasion, his mother told him to always be kind to other people, emphasising that this was the most important thing. So little Marco finds himself in a contradictory situation in which he has to use his common sense. And he does it, showing his courage.


Elena Vitagliano is Italian but she lives and works in London as a Graphic Designer. Her passion for Japan (she has a degree in Orienatal language and culture) means she occasionally writes articles about manga and creates her own stories.

Page 1

1. Children

2. From today Helver is going to study with us

3. I am sure she is going to make him sit next to you Marco / And he is a Rom! / and the Rom are all thieves! / and they kidnap children

4. He doesn’t speak Italian very well yet / so be kind to him

5. Helver, please sit over there, next to Marco.

Page 2

1. Be careful of the gipsies, they are dangerous, if they get close to you, don’t talk to them, do you understand me?  / Yes Mom

2. I know it’s not kind to avoid speaking to him.. but I have to obey..

3. Wow, what a nice drawing he is doing! / How does he do that? / I would like to ask him but..

Page 3

1. I can’t / I don’t think he is a thief or that he could kidnap me: he is only a child! /

2. But if I remember.. /  the most important thing is to be kind to everyone. / Ok then.

3. Do not talk to gypsies /  Be kind to everyone / Do not talk to gypsies /  Be kind to everyone / Do not talk to gypsies /  Be kind to everyone

4. The most important thing…

Page 4

1. Helver this horse is really beautiful /

2. You are really good

3. Do you want to give it to me?

4. Yes, yes

Page 5

1. Thank you, it’s really beautiful /  Write your name over here so it is finished.

2. Why?

3. I can’t write

4. Oh… well

5. I will help you then

6. Look look

Page 6

1. The gypsy’s friend / You’ll see in a little while he will become Rom as well. Ahahaha

2. You are just jealous because you don’t have a drawing like this

3. Helver, can you teach me to draw like you? / Can you teach me to write?

4. Deal! / Helver, my first Rom mate!