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“A story about a Vietnamese living in Latvia”, Cao Viet Nguyen

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This is a story about me, a Vietnamese who left his homeland in search of the meaning of life. My fate took me to Latvia, where I learned about art, love, patriotism and patience. I then left Latvia to make my dream come true – to become a comic artist, but eventually I returned. In this story, I talk about how I felt and what I did to be accepted into the society of a foreign country, and how I realized it was my duty to do something for this land.


My name is Cao Viet Nguyen and I am from Vietnam. I moved to Latvia in 2003 where I graduated from the Jan Rosental Art High School. I studied at the Art Academy in Riga where I specialized in comic art, digital art and character design. In my second year I quit school and I am now a freelance artist.

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