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With financial support from the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union

Fondi Otto per Mille della Chiesa Evangelica Valdese

With financial support by Society Integration Foundation (SIF)


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This short comic-strip was drawn in the wake of the REVA project in Stockholm, when police were looking for illegal immigrants in the subway and on the streets, basically by racially profiling people on the street and asking for their IDs. So I created this short comic-strip to show that this is exactly the same thing as racial segregation, which took place in the US, and to give a specific example I chose Rosa Parks, who first insisted on sitting in a seat on a public bus which was reserved for white people.


I was a computer engineer until I was 29 and that’s how I came to Sweden – to work as a programmer. In 2009 I quit my job to become a comic-strip artist. And since September 2011 I have been studying at the Malmö Serieskolan comics school.

1. Montgomery, 1955  / ​You don’t have the right skin color. Get out of the seat!

2. Stockholm, 2013 ​/ You don’t have the right hair color. Show me your ID!