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With financial support from the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union

Fondi Otto per Mille della Chiesa Evangelica Valdese

With financial support by Society Integration Foundation (SIF)


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Five people of different nationalities, religions and beliefs commit crimes. They become criminals because they are not tolerant of other people. The main idea is that it does not matter who you are on the outside, the main thing is what is on the inside (in the soul). And there we all the same.


I was born and live in Estonia in the small border town of Narva, but I have Russian citizenship. I am 19 years old and I graduated from Art School. In the future I’m going to get Estonian citizenship.

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1. And God created the heavens and the earth… / Then God created man in his own image. And he proclaimed equality on Earth and told man to love his neighbour as himself.

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1. Nowadays… One of the prisoners What do you think, why are you here?

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1. One of the white people called me a nigger. I was drunk and beat him to death. / I preach the true faith. I burned another church, there were women and children. There were no survivors.

2. They were all drunk. In the bar someone began to argue about Native Americans. In a fight I killed one of them…

3. North, South Korea, you know…I was a member of a terrorist organisation.

4. I threw a homemade bomb at a gay club…

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1. Do you have any regrets?

2. No

3. No

4. No

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1. Despite the many differences, in skin colour, religion, beliefs… Inside we are all the same.