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“Power Of Bombs”, Sofja Bolshakova

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‘Power of Bombs’ – this is a comic about the horrific situation caused by the war in Iran. Every day we see destroyed cities and lives, but we cannot prevent it. Here I have tried to show how certain stereotypes are used in propaganda by using words with different meanings. The aim was to illustrate the different uses of the word ‘bombs’. It always makes a difference how we interpret and use generally accepted words.


I’m Sofja Bolshakova from Narva. I was born and raised on the board of Estonia and Russia. There are two religions and 7 nationalities in my family. I decided to learn languages and travel. With EU programmes and on my own I was reaching my goals to learn different cultures.

1. Hi, my name is Nazir. I live in Damask

2. … Where everything is destroyed because of war

3. But I wonder we would have only bombs …

4. Bombs of love and glory