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“Let Me Know Your Color First”, Sofja Bolshakova

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‘Let Me Know Your Color First’ summarises the idea behind all of my comics about racism, because it is the most optimistic, and has a specific way of showing that we are all human beings – and that we are all equal. There are many sad stories linked to skin colour, but I believe that it is pretty enough to point this out all the time, just because we are living in humanistic period.


I’m Sofja Bolshakova from Narva. I was born and raised on the board of Estonia and Russia. There are two religions and 7 nationalities in my family. I decided to learn languages and travel. With EU programmes and on my own I was reaching my goals to learn different cultures.

1. White – Black / Even that we have no such things nowadays …

2. White – Black / … They may happen everywhere.

3. But the life is not just black and white

4. Everyone / Fortunately, it is colorful!