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“Slave the Day Away”, Katie Woznicki

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Slave the Day Away is a tale of oppression and privilege, illustrating the lack of perspective that wealth and power can bring. The protagonists, clad in white robes, complain of mundane, upper class woes -  such as choosing a restaurant or a vacation spot -while they ruthlessly torture slaves for a living. Those in power are so consumed by the problems of the developed world that they are unable to experience their slaves as living, feeling human beings who are clearly suffering on a much more profound level.


I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and lived there until 2007 when I moved to Serbia. I studied theoretical linguistics in Ohio, but decided to start drawing comics again in Serbia. My comics have been published in Serbia and abroad in various publications.

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1. Me and Pam tried that new Japanese place.

2. You’ve got to go. The food is to die for! / Carol won’t go for it. She hates sushi. Won’t even look at the stuff!

3. That’s a crime! / Tell me about it!

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12 hours later…

1. …We haven’t decided yet. Carol wants to go to Paris, but I’m more in to a golf vacation. / You’ve been working hard lately.

2. I think Paris can wait until next time.