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A short one-page comic strip making fun of the most foolish stereotypes around different nationalities.


Elisa Furlani has always loved comics. She is currently in her final year at the Fine Arts Bologna Academy. She has won various comic strip awards and is currently working as an intern at a comic-book publishing house in France.

1. Oui, I am French! I stink, I eat baguettes and I don’t know about the bidet!

2. I am an Englishman. I take afternoon tea at 5 o’ clock, I drive on the opposite side and I always dress in an elegant way.

3. I am Italian. I always eat pizza, I scream and move my hands when I talk, I work and like all Italian people I am a mafioso (except people from Venice: they go on the gondola!)

4. I am Swiss. I am always on time and if you are late I eat chocolate. Like every Swiss person I work in a bank.

5. I am Russian, I drink vodka and wear huge hairy hats, during summer too.

6. I am American. I eat every day at the fast food place, I don’t read books and I just watch movies with a lot of special effects.

7. I am Chinese, I only eat rice and I seem like all  other Chinese people.

8. I am a Jew. I am a loan shark like every other Jew, I always dress in black, I have a big nose, a long beard and wear a Rabbi hat.

9. Who came up with all these foolish things?

10. Someone really foolish!