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Projekts tiek īstenots ar Eiropas Savienības Pamattiesību un pilsonības programmas finansiālu atbalstu.

Fondi Otto per Mille della Chiesa Evangelica Valdese

With financial support by Society Integration Foundation (SIF)


“Bērni atklāj to, ko slēpj pieaugušie”, Amanda Baeza

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“Children Reveal What Adults Hide” is based on my own experience. This comic comprises a reflection on most of the stereotypes I had to face while growing up.


I come from a multicultural family. I’m a graphic artist who devours independent publications and comics for breakfast and plays the baritone saxophone at lunch. I’ve lived in Viña del Mar (Chile), Lisbon (Portugal) and Bilbao (Spain).

Page 1

1. My name is Amanda. I spent most of my childhood in Chile.

2. I was nine when my family decided to move to Portugal.

3. «The mushroom releases spores into the air, in a process known as sporulation».

Page 2

1. Our mom is Portuguese but I was born with darker skin and Chilean facial features like my father. /  I bet she doesn’t shower!

2. Because of this and that, Portuguese children refused to accept me as one of them. / Good morning class! I want you to welcome Amanda, she’s from Chile, and can’t speak Portuguese very well yet. / Chile? That’s in China, right? / Pffft, hehehe.

3. «The spores that land in their ideal environment begin to produce mycelium under the ground».

Page 3

1. When I arrived I saw a lot of posters against ethnic and social discrimination. /  This was clearly an issue.

2. Look at her skin! She’s a gypsy and all gypsies are robbers!

3. I’m sure her parents are criminals fleeing from justice!

4. «The growth of the mycelium produces a young, very small mushroom covered by a structure called the universal veil».

Page 4

1. Lisbon is home to a lot of different communities. In the streets there is a multicultural feel, but at home people change their behavior, believing that they are hidden by their four walls, and they freely express their fears and preconceptions. Children imitate these as soon as they are outside, revealing the truth behind the mask. /  It’s scary to see that it’s the same everywhere.

2. My father says that it’s because of people like her that our country has problems…

3. Stop! You’re wrong!

4. «The mushroom breaks through this veil and grows taller and wider».

Page 5

1. I grew up confused about my identity. It took me a while to understand that my physical features don’t define who I am or where I belong. I could be Chilean or Portuguese if I wanted to. What makes a country is the people who live in it, no matter where they come from.

2. The adult mushroom society produces spores stereotypes, and can the process start again?