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“We all live on planet Earth”, Dace Brakmane

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My comic is about intolerance. There are four characters in four situations in which one of them is left out, because the other three don’t want to accept him/her for being different. I wanted to show the nature of intolerance, by showing that each of us could be different from a group of people and left out for that reason. By putting all of the characters in the ‘left out’ position, I’m emphasizing how absurd intolerance is. At the end, all four characters are together and happy.


I have just graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Latvian Art Academy. I’m interested in various forms of art: illustration, comics, animation, photography and painting. I’m currently most focused on drawing and comics.

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1. O.M.G. Look at that hair! / It’s so weird! / You know they try to cut it but it still grows back. There is nothing you can do! / I don’t think it’s acceptable!

2. I always hated those little ones, they sneak into places they shouldn’t be. / And they are so small. I don’t even notice them! / Yeah!

3. Hey look at that fat one! / I don’t know he is just way too big! / Did you know they have special cars, because they don’t fit in the normal sized ones!

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1. Look at that one! / There come the wobbly eyes! / I heard they can’t see colors properly. / That can’t possibly be normal to have eyes outside your head.

2. We are all different but actually the same cos / we all live on planet Earth. / Hey, look at those weirdoes! Yeah!