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“Pride and Prejudice”, Pierluca Galvan

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People often talk about topics they don’t really understand. Some countries may be more or less progressive than others, but stereotypes (both positive and negative) are everywhere, and exist independently of nationality or race.


I was born in the northeast of Italy in 1981. After obtaining a degree at the Venice School of Fine Art in 2006, I moved to Paris, where I now work as a freelance illustrator.

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1. During a dinner our friends are involved in a discussion…/  Don’t you feel ashamed to talk like that? You who once called yourself a communist.

2. I’m just trying to think about my future and I don’t want to imagine my children playing in a park amongst Chinese who eat dogs, Moroccan pushers and black guys that steal jobs!

3. There are many Chinese people, Moroccans deal drugs but black guys are good! / [..good for what?] / …making love? / …eating? /…In their souls?

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1. You talk like that but Aziz is a friend of yours! / …he’s different…he sells hashish to me! / what about Samya? / …She’s different… and she’s really hot / and what about Martino? / I hate him / Why? What have I done to you?(Martino is the boy with the glasses on)

2. Anyway I’m ok about their presence, but they just have to stay at home! / Ssst! Listen to this amazing melody…/ It’s Loretta playing music with a glass of wine!

3. Let’s stop this bullshit and let’s toast Loretta and her marvelous music! / Great / Good

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On a Paris metro a typical French girl is reading a story that a typical Italian guy sitting with her wrote

1. Ha ha ha your comic is  terrific! / Thanks Florette!

2. I love the way you criticize your country, I knew you were very racist, more than us, that could be because you have a lot of problems…

3. Bla bla bla…mafia..bla bla bla “bunga-bunga”bla bla bla racism…but you make good Pizzas!

4. Hey… where are you going?!? / We will be late for  Jean-Jerome’s party! / I need to use the bidet / …use what?!?