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With financial support from the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme of the European Union

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This is a story about me, my friends and my family, based on migration caused by a lack of work in our home countries.


My name is Marco Larocca. I was born in Italy in 1987 and I studied chemistry at the University of Calabria (unical). I now live in France because I could not find a job when I finished university. I have always loved art and the world of comics.

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1. “You have to study to find a job” / My parents always told me this / … a lot!

2. So I studied…

3. Now, where is my “good job”? / Customer service good morning, how can I help you?

4. I was tired of surviving, I wanted to live!! / How can I pay them?

5. So I made my choice.

Page 2

1. With my heart full of sadness… / …I left

2. On the trip I had a lot of hopes…

3. Can you start tomorrow? / Do you want to work with us? / There is a place for you here / We were waiting for you! / … maybe too many hopes!

4. But real life is very different. / and now?

Page 3

1. Like a fish in a new ocean… / I felt lost!

2. Too many sad moments in just a day…

3. …and too much melancholy!

4. But I started studying, to integrate myself… / …and to discover this new world

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1. I started to meet new friends… / You speak this language very well / Thanks!

2. …and I found a good job! / Good morning! / You are welcome! I was waiting for you. Do you have a copy of your CV?

3. After a lot of sacrifice, I found it! / Yes, I did it! / My life can begin!

4. At the end I learned an important thing… / …national or regional borders are completely useless. / Now I don’t feel alone anymore because the entire world is MY HOME!