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“Italy don’t say…”, Alex Galbero

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This comic addresses stereotypes, making fun of the real diversity that exists and the stupidity of prejudices abroad. This example can be applied to any country: stereotypes do not correspond to local realities or human diversity, but to conventional and non-rational simplifications.


Alex Galbero was born in 1989 (shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall), and from a young age has had a passion for graphic art. He studies design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona and works for a composition and communication agency.

1. Airport / Taxi!!!

2. Are you Italian? Pizza, mafia and mandolino?

3. What? Would you say polenta, lega and aperitivo!

4. Taxi!!!

5. Are you Italian? Polenta, lega and aperitivo?

6. What? Would you say pastella, camorra and neomelodico! / What?

7. …But say many things!