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“Cookies and Milk”, Leksi (Ivanka Aleksandrova)

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Cookies and Milk is a short comic looking at the roots of racial discrimination, created by a UK-based/Bulgarian illustrator/comic-book artist/writer called Ivanka Leksi. It aims to provoke thought about our own individual responsibility to stand up for what is right even in the most difficult circumstances. I chose children’s storytelling and a visually appealing style for this very serious subject. The reason for this choice is to create juxtaposition and to underline the carelessness we often see in racial prejudice.


I was born in Bulgaria. Twelve years ago I moved to the United Kingdom, to the beautiful multicultural capital of London, where I gained my BA in Design at Central St Martins College. Since graduation I have been working as a freelance designer and illustrator. 

Page 1

1. Some time ago in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria… / Candies and lollies make you grow wings, cake in the morning is good for a king, how I love fluffy doughnut rings, but a cookie with milk is my favorite thing. / Stop singing with your mouth full, or you will marry a gypsy.

2. Mom, why shouldn’t Zorie marry a gypsy?

3. Don’t be ridiculous. Denise, everyone knows that gypsies travel around and steal children in a bag. Then they make them into soap.

4. The lady in the old house with the rose garden cooks a really nice soup. She gave some to me once and it was amazing – almost as good as cookies! / Zorie, you promised to take me there.

5. Mom, can we go there now? / Ok, but be back in time for dinner.

Page 2

1. Hi, Mrs. Galia you look pretty today in your dress. I want to introduce you to my sister Denise. / Hi Zorie, Denise, come on in!

2. This is my little boy Asen I have been telling you about.

3. Would you like to try some soup? / Mom, I think they would like cookies with milk. / Such a gentleman, aahh!

4. There are only 2 left. Please you 2 have them.

5. A few hours later… It’s getting late. We need to go now! / Would you like to come and visit us at our house tomorrow? / Sure! I’ll be there.

Page 3

1. Next day… / Hi / Hi Asen, let me show you our room and toys. My mom is out buying cookies, she will bring them back soon.

2. Mom, you are back, we have a friend visiting. Did you bring the cookies? / Yes, take some! I’ll meet your friend later. Today I saw something suspicious in the rose garden house. There was a gypsy woman who was cooking soup. Isn’t that where Mrs. Galia you have been telling me about lives? Poor woman, I hope she didn’t end up in the pot.

3. Mom, what do gypsies look like? / Well… They have chocolate milk skin.

4. Ooh no! Asen is a gypsy! I need to tell Denise…

5. Kids’ room / Denise, Asen is a gypsy! / How do you know?/ Mom said gypsies have chocolate milk skin.

6. Asen, quick under the bed!

7. Family meeting. / I need to check for my purse. / Embarrassment!!!..playing with a gypsy?!? / you, young man, are a bad influence on my kids and are no longer welcome in this house. As for you, twins, you are going to aunt Bertha’s house to learn some discipline!

Page 4

1. Hi aunt Bertha, can we stay here? / No we are leaving now. / Yes sir!

2. In the middle of the night… / It must be a fire. The kids?!…safe! For God’s sake I can’t find my clothes.. just save your life woman!!!

3. I hope our flat doesn’t catch fire…

4.  Say cheese! / That’s called a real gentleman! / I really need to put something on!

5. Ms. Galia’s house / Ohh, look at what we have here.

6. You can go in now. / We came as soon as we heard. / Mom why are you wearing Mrs. Galia’s dress?

7. But… but these are desperate times Denise. / The end.