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“World of Flats”, Hyon Yong “Damian” Pahk

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Between the windows of the flats tremendous insults fly everyday. Each person offends his neighbour with racist stereotypes. The reader silently and superficially judges the characters, but he doesn’t know that they are listening, and they can be badly injured from his inner thoughts.


Hyon Yong “Damian” Pahk was born in Korea, already feeling the needs to reborn in Italy. In Florence he study scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts and, waiting for the inspiration to graduate, he delights in drawings short comic strips.

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1. Terrone!

2. Vucumprà!

3. Terrorist

4. Toffee-nosed

5. Mafioso!

6. Drunken

7. What’s this stink of fried stuff?!

8. Nazi!

9. Robbers


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Hey… we heard you!