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“Something prevented me from sleeping, I was afraid to open my eyes”, Galyna Panchenko

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My story is about life in Germany, which is totally different to what I expected it to be.

It’s about the little things that surprised me.


I was born in Ukraine in 1980. Today I live in Hamburg, where I am studying Illustration.

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1. When I arrived in Germany, I was very surprised that Germans couldn’t pronounce my name correctly. Karla / Galina / Gala / Eva

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1. In one year I’ve moved apartments three times and have slept in hundreds of beds

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1. People in the photo booth look happier than usual

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1. In Hamburg hares jump in the streets and nobody eats them

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1. It’s cold and damp sleeping in the grass near Alster at night

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1. The day of the mono-eyebrow